Global Cheese Awards

The industry's ideal showcase

The Global Cheese Awards (GCAs) is a hugely prestigious competition which compliments Saturday’s Frome Cheese Show perfectly.  Held on the Thursday prior to show day in the show’s impressive Cheese Pavilion, the GCAs showcase myriad types of cheese and dairy products from all over the UK as well as overseas. 

The 2016 GCA’s proved to be a fantastic success with more entrants than ever before. The Cheese Pavilion was definitely one of the main attractions at Saturdays Frome Show 2016, with some cheese manufacturers selling out of stock by midday. The majority of our 20,000 show goers came to try and buy, as well as enjoy a ploughman’s with a twist at our popular Cheese Bar. 

The GCA’s is set to be held on Thursday 7th September 2017. 

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