Our Cheese Pavilion will house over 500 cheese exhibits, the famous cheese auction, cheese traders, cheese bar & cookery theatre

It’s called Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show for a reason! After the judging of the Global Cheese Awards on the Thursday all of the entries are left on display for Saturday’s visitors to go and see, smell and learn about.

Not only does the Cheese Pavilion house the Global Cheese Award entries, there’s also lots of Cheese for sale and the Cheese Bar. 

After the success of moving the Food trade stands to the Pavilion alongside our Cheese traders we have made more space for it at the show this year.

The Frome Show Cheese Auction

Let bidding wars commence as some of the cheese from this year’s Global Cheese Awards is auctioned off - you’ll be amazed at what incredible prize winning cheeses you can get at bargain prices!

The Cheese Bar 

It’ll make you hungry walking round the thousands of cheese entries in the pavilion so why not relax with a ploughman’s in the Frome Show Cheese Bar. 

Trade Stands

Take home food, drink  or cheesy memory of Frome Show by visiting one of the many trade exhibitors in the pavilion with plenty of variety (and show deals) on offer for you to enjoy!