Sue Fear, Handicraft & Homecraft chair

Home maker who brings her skill sets to work

The Handicraft and Homecraft marquee near the main ring contains a wonderfully eclectic mix of competition entries, encompassing skills from cooking to cross stitching, photography to felting, and honey making to home-made spirit mixing. Sue Fear is responsible for what has long been one of the most popular destinations for show visitors

The Handicraft and Homecraft section has more than 100 classes for people to enter. How many competitors were there last year? 

There were 865, which included a wide range of ages.

The section has grown steadily over the years. Do you have any plans to expand it further?

We introduced honey classes a few years ago, but there no plans to expand it - at the moment.That’s not to say never. 

How long have you been section chair?

I have been section chair for seven years.

And how many are on your team, including judges?

There are 11 committee members, five helpers and nine judges - but we are always looking for new helpers.

How did you become involved?

My mother was on the H & H committee and as I teenager I used to help pack up at the end of the show. I was then asked to join the committee about 20 years ago.

You obviously have a strong family connection with the show. Tell us a bit more about yourself. 

I think I have attended every show from a very young age – only missing one year in 1991 when I had a 10 day-old baby. 

My grandmother (mum’s mum) was on the committee. That was in the days when the local farmers were on the cattle committee and their wives ran the H & H section. Mum was on the H & H committee until about five years ago and dad is still on the cattle committee. 

I have three children who help me when they can, with my eldest daughter coming and writing prize cards for me and even bringing her baby with her last year.

Do you practice any of the skills yourself?

I enjoy baking and sewing. I find baking a good way to relax.

You’re busy pretty much all day in the H&H marquee, so do you get the chance to visit any of the other halls and marquees?

Sometimes I get time to look around some of the show. I enjoy seeing the cattle, sheep and goats. I like to visit the food halls and find something for lunch. 

If you do get time to wander around the showground, where do you head for first? 

The cheese pavilion. I used to work for a farmhouse cheese-makers, so it holds a special interest for me.

Finally, any message for anyone who’s never entered any of the classes, but is thinking about doing so? 

Give it a go - our judges appreciate everyone’s efforts. We always welcome new people and will help them where possible. All the details of the classes for this year’s show can be found in the schedule, which is available on this website on the Home & Handicraft page. Or click HERE  to be taken straight to the page.