Lynher Dairies

Cornish company that's the cream of the crop

AT last year’s Global Cheese Awards, Truro-based Lynher Dairies was able to celebrate its Cornish Kern winning UK Supreme Champion Cheese. Company owner Catherine Mead describes the moment

Which prize at last year’s Global Cheese Awards brought you the most pleasure? 

Corny answer but all our prizes give us pleasure. A vote from a cheese judge is always a good measure of how we are doing. But for Cornish Kern, our newest cheese, to gain such an accolade so early on was fantastic. 

Had you expected to win UK Supreme Champion Cheese?

Not at all, although if we are being entirely truthful, we do know it’s special. 

Did you find out what the judges said about your cheese?

We do get feedback notes and we take them seriously. Clearly the feedback from the UK Supreme Champion prize was all good. Not that we’ll let it go to our heads.

What does a prize like that mean to a company like Lynher? 

We are very much a close-knit team here so when one of our cheeses wins a prize, it is a pat on the back for everyone, from the briners to the nettlers and packers. 

Have you been successful at the Globals before?

Yes we have, but this was our biggest win.  

Tell us about Lynher Dairies

We employ 30 people who make three cheeses —  Cornish Yarg, Wild Garlic Yarg and Cornish Kern.

What makes your cheeses different from those of other companies? 

Our cheeses are hand made — we cut the curd by hand, the curds are packed into moulds by hand, the leaves are painted on by hand. The leaves themselves add a lot to the texture and flavour of the cheese, too, so in that way Yarg’s character is unique.