Jon Edkins, show photographer

The happy snapper who is a one-man band

With everything from agricultural machinery to youngsters riding their ponies in the main ring, the Frome Cheese Show provides plenty of inspiration for photographers. One of them is Jon Edkins from David Wiltshire Photography who will be ‘snapping’ at the West Woodlands Showground on 10 September in order to capture those iconic images we’re all familiar with

Describe your role at the show? 

David Wiltshire Photography photographs all aspects of the show for the organising team — from cheese and livestock judging to tradestands, craft demonstrations and everything in between.

How long have you done this?

As a company, David Wiltshire has been involved with the Cheese Show since the early 1980s. I personally have photographed the last five Frome Shows.

With so much going on at the show surely it is impossible for one person to cover the entire event?

No, it really is a one-man show.

What is the most enjoyable part for you…?

The cheese, but I enjoy the atmosphere. It’s good to be around people enjoying themselves.

…and the most challenging?

Being in five places at once and having to walk miles to cover everything required.  At peak times there could be presentations all over the site. 

Tell us about the business generally. 

It was established in Warminster in 1971.  We are a small team specialising mostly in school, military and event photography.  We also have a shop and a studio in Warminster.

What got you interested in photography in the first place?

I started taking photos at school and never looked back.

Can you remember your first camera?

I certainly do. It was an Olympus OM2. But I don’t miss film at all, especially the endless hours spent processing it in darkrooms smelling of chemicals.

When you’re not working on commission what do you like to photograph?

I love taking pictures of landscapes.

So what are you most looking forward to at this year’s Frome Show?

The cheese, of course.