A Statement from the Society

First and foremost a huge debt of thanks must be paid to Tony Page, Pauline Hann and the entire Cattle Committee. The time, effort and personal costs that they have all invested in their section has gone beyond the call of duty for many years and we as a Society are incredibly grateful for everything they have done to grow the size, quality and variety of the Frome Cattle Show.

As a charitable Society time is spent at the start of each year examining our financial position; the inevitable increases in service costs, the effect of poor weather on gate numbers and more generally whether what we offer meets the needs and wants of exhibitors and visitors. At this time we call upon our committee members for their assistance and this year felt the need to request of them all to look at ways of reducing their costs whilst ensuring the Society’s main objectives of demonstrating, entertaining and educating are met.

It was felt that whilst the exceptional efforts of the cattle committee has created a wonderful show enjoyed by all participants, the scale of the section has made it unsustainable both financially and with regards to our own infrastructure limitations. After much deliberation the cattle committee felt they could not commit to running a show to a lesser scale. A decision reluctantly accepted by the Society.

With such high standards set by the exiting cattle committee, the Society’s Directors believe that continuing with a competitive cattle show at this year’s event would be exceptionally difficult. It is felt that time is needed to determine what is both a sustainable and suitable alternative for exhibitors and the general public. Because of this the Society has made the difficult decision to not hold a competitive cattle show this year, focusing instead on creating an interactive, educational area of the livestock village that will feature a cattle exhibition.

The Society is determined to maintain the future of the show and with the support of all visitors, exhibitors and others involved, continue to provide a day out to be enjoyed by everyone.